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Champs libres 2010

Champs Libres comes back in june 2010 with a special focus on Korea, a country from which Linea follows the musical activity for a long time already.

From 5th to 19th june 2010, Champs Libres offers a complete immersion in Korean culture : concerts, films, food, video, traditionnal artworks, DJ’s… The festival explores Korea to 360°!

Coming up at the festival, the great and impressive Kim Duk Soo,  living master of the Samulnori, traditionnal drum performances you can usually see on villages celebrations. The wonderful art of Pansori, considered as the korean opera, is in the programme, which is also opened to pop and electronic with Sorea, a charming female pop group playing pop/rock/rap music with traditionnal korean instruments (!), and both DJane Flamenco and DJ Unjin, some of the leading actors of Seoul club scene.

Concerning new music, Linea gonna perform several korean works, by Sungji Hong, Younghi Pagh Paan, and korean pionneer Isang Yun. The festival will present 8 world premieres, 6 european and 6 french premieres. Last but not least, famous korean ensemble TIMF is the guest of the festival. A common concert Linea/TIMF is one of the highlights of the event.



Version française


Founded in 2003 by the Ensemble Linea, Strasbourg based festival Champs Libres is one of the rising events in french musical landscape.

Related from the beginning with Linea’s activity, the event is a display window for the work of the Ensemble.

His main concern is to enlarge the audience of new music. In that purpose, Champs Libres opens new ways in performances, communication, aswell as new relationships with audience.

Champs Libres main concept features live performances mainly by Linea, but other Ensembles are also invited. The repertoire blends works by newcoming composers aswell as recognized masterminds of new music like Stockhausen, Eötvös, Xenakis, etc.

Champs Libres presents several concerts focusing on artistic, political or social topics (art and new technologies, young creation, geopolitical dialogues through musical works, etc.). The festival helps discovering other cultures, by giving opportunities to composers from unexplored territories to be performed at the festival. Champs Libres was one of the first european event opening his stage to corean Cheol Ha Park or Jin-Ah Ahn, brasilian Arthur Kampela or Australian Daniel Salecich.

Alongside these concerts, the Détours de Champs Libres offer alternative activities : video art, DJ sets, films, conferences, and many more. Conceived like an « off festival », the « Detours » are also building bridges toward other music (rock, jazz, electronic) and other arts (dance, video, etc.). The Detours is an opportunity for the audience to prolongate his discovery of new music.

The festival is a space of expression, creativity, experiments and exchange.

The concerts are performed with special light-shows and stage settings. They are often conceived on an interactive way, making the spectator being active and stimulating his curiosity.

A “nearby” artistic rendezvous, Champs Libres is spotted in Strasbourg station quarter, a space « in progress » undergoing a lot of mutations : a place that fits to be experimented in.

Champs Libres is a different sort of festival which reinvents itself every year, attracting an audience which is ever more numerous and diversified.

Champs Libres, litteraly « free fields », is the equivalent french expression for the english « to have a free hand ».It referes to this meaning, but wishes to sound poetical aswell (like if the fields could be free). It referes also to the notions of freedom and space, that art and creation require.


Jean-Philippe Wurtz

Diffusion, communication, relations presse
Programmation des « DĂ©tours De Champs Libre »

Jean-Etienne Moldo

Anne Bothorel

Attachée de communication et de production
Hélène Gougeon

Régisseur général
Mathieu Sautel

Stagiaire, chargée des relations avec les partenaires
et les artistes coréens

Jiyeon Park

Chargée des relations avec les entreprises coréennes
Mi-Young Lee-Fèvre